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Exmoor Emperor co-wrote and produced ‘Bergundi’ on the brilliant TheKAMAL-CASSETTE: uRTH GoLD, the eagerly anticipated mixtape from Brookyn based artist KAMAU – out now on Atlantic Records / Invisible Firm.

Listen below:


Clarence Clarity’s ‘Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash” appeared in this hit U.S. alternative comedy.


Exmoor Emperor feature on London producer LOXE debut mixtape ‘x TAPE’ with the track ‘night time’, also featuring Cuba.

Listen on Spotify here.


London songstress Bellatrix has released her debut EP ‘Real Stuffed Owls’, the 4 tracks ‘Still Looking For’ ‘Be Your Bitch’ ‘After More’ ‘Mr Millions’ were all produced and co-written by Exmoor Emperor.

405 Magazine said she “has a sound you’ll never forget” and recently premiered the EP here.

Listen below:


London production & writing duo Exmoor Emperor have co-written and co-produced the new Bellatrix track ‘After More’, taken from her very forward-thinking sounding debut EP.

Exmoor Emperor have been busy in their studio in Stoke Newington of late working with many exciting artists, more release news to follow.



Clarence Clarity doesn’t sound like anyone else and in a world where new music is always pitched as one artist crossed with another this is a very good thing. Being so incredibly unique doesn’t come without its difficulties though and it’s fair to say that Clarity’s post-apocalyptic (pre-apocalyptic?) vision isn’t for everyone. And new track ‘Fold ‘Em’ isn’t going to change that, although it should keep his existing fans happy and with any luck find him a few new ones. The track features a verse from Tampa-based rapper Shadi and following on from Clarity’s production work on Rina Sawayama’s recent ‘Cyber Stockholm Syndrome’ could show a way forward for him – hooking up with other artists that subscribe to his world view. Because he’s not the only artist who thinks the world is teetering on the edge.

Clarence Clarity: “When I was producing the music I wanted it to feel like the first time I watched The Matrix movie, which was also my first DVD experience – the excitement of witnessing a new level of definition and clarity. It’s meant to have numerous musical narratives/motifs that all kinda start out of sync but thread together by the end. Lyrically it’s about giving up on any noble quests in life because they’re all starting to seem futile. Thinking about money enslavement, and how it’s poisoned mankind, but also maybe saved us from ourselves.”


Clarence Clarity co-produced the amazing new single by Rina Sawayama

Lately he has been working a lot on her debut album, channelling his love of 90’s pop throughout, this is the first offering of the work they have done together.

Speaking to the Fader, Rina states; “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome’ is happy and sad, honest and autobiographical, and I feel like I’ve truly written from the heart for the first time. Marginalized people, or socially anxious people like myself can, in fact, be freed. That’s what ‘Cyber Stockholm Syndrome’ is about: pessimism, optimism, anxiety, and freedom.”


Exmoor Emperor co-produced and co-wrote this excellent track by Bellatrix

Citing influences from Kate Bush to MIA to Charles Mingus to Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopez to Sun

Ra, it’s clear that Bellatrix’s depth as an artist reflects her musical output in terms of range

and invention. Speaking on the track, Bel states: “The track is the beginning of an enquiry

into how our culture perceives women. There’s a lot more to be said, but this is the start of

me unpicking the tangles in my brain.“