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Dwen - Tr Pp N


“Unorthodox and beautiful in equal measure”The Line of Best Fit

Building on the two tracks released last year, Dwen return with their newest offering “Tr Pp N”; an off-kilter, lo fi art-pop single channelling Arthur Russell, Blood Orange, Soft Hair and Toro Y Moi among other revered artists of the underground.

Best described through the project's title, Dwen is a take on the phonetic spelling of "douen", the names given to mischievous mythological entities from Trinidad & Tobago folklore, and a play on the musical term 'Duende'; the eerie sense of sadness, longing, fear and emotional authenticity that haunts so many works of art, “Tr Pp N” being no exception.

The trio examine the typical tropes and clichés of RnB and pop songs they grew up with “exploring the conflict and ambivalence of some relationships, half ironically, but with an appreciation for what these songs mean and the universal feeling they convey, however contrived they seem on the surface.

They operate in a self-built East London studio, a hub of creativity with many emerging musicians and artists coming and going. As collective producers themselves, co-writes include Ama Lou “TBC” and Fabiana Palladino of the Paul Institute. Tr Pp N” sees them take control of the full process, employing the dreamy backing vocals of Mura Masa affiliates Jadu Heart to round off the ethereal track.

Dwen’s sound nods to the New York avant-garde and has found its way through its creators having played as members of post-hardcore and math-rock bands before experimenting with electronic music.

Teasing more singles over the next year as they work toward a longer piece of work, Dwen have found something that is distinctively theirs.