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RKCB - For You For Me

The LA-based alt-pop/electro R&B duo RKCB is currently in the midst of their massive See For Yourself North American tour with Shoffy in support of their new Shores EP, which is officially out everywhere today through AllPoints, at long last! The critically-acclaimed effort is a a set of six tracks that throb with enlightenment about the life and death nature of love, our relationship with consciousness and even global warming. Finding creative liberation during a trip to London and drawing inspiration from Alan Watts’ Out of Your Mind, the duo (comprised of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth) felt the energy between them monumentally shift, harnessing that power to ultimately write the songs that comprise Shores.

The new EP includes three recently released singles, including “Alone With You Pt. 2”, an essential cut that hauntingly fixates on the piercing distance between two lovers and the longing to reconnect. “Know Love” was an electro-R&B stunner that’s representative of the duo’s signature alchemic blend of modern production techniques, which include warm synth lines and heart-pounding percussion that wash over the listener while the duo's impassioned vocals elevate the track to exorbitant, face-peeling levels. The EP’s closing track (and final single) “Till We’re In The Sea” and its subsequent music video is a powerful track that tackles issues of climate change and global warming, both of which are social issues that the two are passionate about and wanted to help spread awareness for… its eye-opening music video is a compelling depiction of what happens when we don’t treat Mother Nature with respect.
Accomplished producers and songwriters in their own right, having worked w/ Tinashe, Dan Farber, Julia Michaels, Kacy Hill & more (along eclipsing 100 million Spotify streams to their name alone), RKCB is poised to have a massive year all their own in 2019. Shores is just the first taste of what RKCB has in store for this year, and beyond. Stay tuned for more… soon!